Car Insurance in Oklahoma: Rates, Companies, and Factors

Car Insurance in Oklahoma | Oklahoma boasts 235,004 miles of road, offering ample opportunity for drivers. However, navigating the car insurance landscape in the state requires understanding various factors influencing rates.

Car Insurance in Oklahoma

Average Rates and Factors Impacting Costs:

  • Oklahoma’s average car insurance rate stands at $1,592 annually, slightly above the national average.
  • Multiple factors affect rates, including age, driving history, and coverage level.

Top Car Insurance Companies in Oklahoma:

  • USAA ranks as the best insurer in Oklahoma, offering competitive rates and high customer satisfaction.
  • Shelter Insurance and Farmers also secure top spots, with commendable scores in satisfaction studies.

Cheapest Car Insurance Providers:

  • USAA dominates as the most affordable option for both full coverage and minimum liability policies.
  • GEICO shines for drivers with poor credit, offering competitive rates despite credit history.

State Minimum Coverage and Optional Add-Ons:

  • Oklahoma mandates minimum liability coverage, averaging $482 annually.
  • Optional add-ons like comprehensive and collision significantly increase premiums, often by over 100%.

Impact of Violations and Credit Score:

  • DUI violations can lead to a substantial increase in premiums, with rates rising by 61% on average.
  • Poor credit history also affects rates, with some insurers charging significantly higher premiums.

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City-wise Rate Variations:

  • Car insurance costs vary across cities, with Dewey offering the cheapest rates and Forest Park the most expensive.

Trends in Car Insurance Rates:

  • Over the years, Oklahoma has seen fluctuations in average premiums, with recent trends showing a slight increase.
  • While the national average has remained relatively steady, Oklahoma’s rates have experienced more significant fluctuations.

Conclusion: Understanding the intricacies of car insurance in Oklahoma requires considering various factors such as coverage level, driving history, and location. By comparing quotes from top insurers and understanding the impact of violations and credit score, drivers can secure affordable and comprehensive coverage tailored to their needs.

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